Signalis Nowhere Empress Ring Puzzle Guide

To escape a hellish zone in Signalis, you’ll have to acquire several items. One task, in particular, requires you to gather rings that need to be placed on the fingers of a decaying entity. Here’s our Signalis Nowhere Empress Rings puzzle guide to help you solve this riddle and obtain the Plate of Knowledge.

Note: For more information, check out our Signalis guides and features hub. You can also take a look at our main guide for the Nowhere Six Plates Door mechanism.


Signalis: Nowhere Empress Rings puzzle guide

Our Signalis Nowhere Empress Rings puzzle guide assumes that you’re already aware of the codes for the doors with symbols. First, let’s try to gather the keys.

Wedding Ring

This one’s fairly easy to find. It’s on the desk that has the microphone with a screen that reveals the door codes.

Sgnl 3nw Emp 1a

Regent Ring

For this one, you’ll have to jump down the pulsating flesh pit and defeat the Mr. Cagehead miniboss. After assisting replicant Isa, go right -> right once more. You’ll find the Regent Ring on a pedestal.

Note: If you go to the northern room, you’ll stumble upon a maze-like section with barbed wire traps. Navigate this chamber carefully so you can obtain the Plate of Flesh and Rusted Key. The latter is required for the Wooden Dolls puzzle.

Sgnl 3nw Emp 1b

Serpent Ring

For this one, open the Triangle Door (the one that’s closest to the starting area of Nowhere). You can see the keypad code below. Just bear in mind that you also need to click on the button where my cursor is.

There are a lot of mobs in this large chamber, including a Mynah. There are a couple of important tidbits here:

  • The furniture in the middle has one of the required Wooden Dolls for the Plate of Balance.
  • The exit to the left has a small dark room with half a dozen mobs, so try not to get cornered. The Serpent Ring is in the middle.
  • The exit to the right leads to a narrow corridor with several mobs, including those that “hack” Elster. If you go further to the right, you’ll see the Six Plates Door, the main puzzle in the Nowhere zone.

The Empress Rings puzzle

Now that you’ve got all three, it’s time to solve the Empress Rings puzzle in Signalis‘ Nowhere zone. Make your way back to the Nowhere – Classroom save point. You can open the Snowflake Door here using the code below. Again, you’ll also need to press the button where my cursor is.

At the end of the path, you’ll see a document with this riddle that can be read from right to left:


On the first day, she was crowned.

On the longest day, nothing was done.

On the next day, she was wed.

On the last day, she took her life.

Signalis Nowhere Empress Ring Puzzle Guide 2a

Just a few meters beyond that, you’ll find the decaying hands of the so-called Empress. You’ll realize that the “days” refer to her fingers, and each ring has a particular meaning. As such, you’ll want to do the following (also seen in the image below):

  • Index finger – Regent Ring
  • Middle finger – None
  • Ring finger – Wedding Ring
  • Petyr Baelish – Serpent Ring

Doing this will cause the arms to move, revealing the Plate of Knowledge. You’re one step closer to obtaining all the necessary items for the Six Plates Door puzzle in Signalis‘ Nowhere zone.

Signalis Nowhere Empress Ring Puzzle Guide 2b

Signalis is available via Steam.

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