Signalis Wooden Dolls Puzzle Plate Of Balance Guide

To escape a hellish zone in Signalis, you’ll have to acquire several items. One particular task has you collecting several Matryoshka Dolls that are used as a counterweight. Here’s our Signalis Nowhere Wooden Dolls guide to help you obtain the Plate of Balance.

Note: For more information, check out our Signalis guides and features hub. You can also take a look at our main guide for the Nowhere Six Plates Door mechanism.


Signalis: Nowhere Wooden Dolls and Plate of Balance guide

Our Signalis Nowhere Wooden Dolls and Plate of Balance puzzle guide assumes that you’re already aware of the codes for the doors with symbols. First, let’s try to gather the necessary objects.

Wooden Doll #1

From the initial area with the replicant corpses on slabs, go left -> right -> up. You’ll see a plinth with a Wooden Doll.

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Wooden Doll #2

Return to the previous room. You’ll notice the Triangle Door here. Key in the code (don’t forget to press the button that I’ve marked with my cursor).

This large chamber has numerous mobs, including a terrifying Mynah. Run around them until the coast is clear so you can pick up the Wooden Doll on the ruined desk.

Take the exit to the right, where you’ll stumble upon some “hacker” mobs (make sure you tune your radio to the three frequencies that flash). Next, go right to come across the Six Plates Door puzzle. You can unlock the door here to return to the section with the pulsating flesh pit.

Sgnl 3nw Wdndl 2c

Wooden Doll #3

This one is found after beating the Mr. Cagehead miniboss once you jump down the fleshy pit. With Isa rescued and recuperating, you’ll realize that you’re in a rest area with the Nowhere – Within save point. Keep this in mind because the Pentagon door is here, too.

Signalis Wooden Dolls Puzzle Plate Of Balance Guide 1a

Anyway, from the Nowhere – Within save point, go right -> right. You’ll find the Regent Ring here, which is part of the Empress Rings puzzle.

If you go through the top door, you’ll arrive at a maze-like area with barbed wire traps. Navigate this section carefully so you can get the Plate of Flesh, as well as the Rusted Key.

Signalis Wooden Dolls Puzzle Plate Of Balance Guide 1b

Make your way back to the upper floor. Right across from the Nowhere – Classroom save point is another door. You can unlock this using the Rusted Key.

Inside, you’ll spot a desk that has a Wooden Doll. The Diamond Door is also in this area.

Signalis Wooden Dolls Puzzle Plate Of Balance Guide 1c

The Plate of Balance

Head back to the Nowhere – Within save point. Put all the Wooden Dolls in your inventory and combine them. You should then have a single item.

Open the Pentagon door using the code (check where my cursor is hovering for a button that also needs to be pressed):

Signalis Wooden Dolls Puzzle Plate Of Balance Guide 2a

Avoid the mobs and reach the exit on the opposite side. You’ll see an ornate contraption here (shown in the featured image).

To get the Plate of Balance in Signalis, you’ll have to remove it, then place the Combined Wooden Doll on the pedestal. The weight will be enough to keep the mechanism from closing.

That’s it, you’re one step closer to obtaining all the necessary items for the Six Plates Door puzzle in the Nowhere zone.

Signalis is available via Steam.

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