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Simon Bolivar and Gran Colombia join Civilization VI via the New Frontier Pass

Civilization VI‘s New Frontier Pass is releasing soon and it’ll have the Maya and Gran Colombia Pack included. Gran Colombia is led by none other than Simon Bolivar, liberator of many South American countries from Spanish colonial rule and one of the greatest personages in history. Check out the reveal trailer below:

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Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass – Simon Bolivar and Gran Colombia

Simon Bolivar and Gran Colombia have the following unique mechanics:

  • Unique ability: Ejercito Patriota – +1 movement for all units; promoting a unit does not end its turn.
  • Leader ability: Campaña Admirable – Earn a Comandante General when you reach a new era.
  • Unique great person: Comandante General – Replaces Great General; has passive and active (retire) effects such as +4 combat strength to all cavalry units within two tiles, a free promotion (and 50% gold based on the unit’s purchase cost), a free trade route, or an instant “health damage bomb” (all enemies within two tiles lose 30 HP).
  • Unique unit: Llanero (seen below) – Replaces Cavalry; has increased strength based on the number of adjacent units; if a Comandante General is used up within range, the Llanero fully heals all lost HP.
  • Unique improvement: Hacienda – +2 gold, +1 production, and +1 housing. Haciendas gain +1 food for every two adjacent Plantations. Haciendas and Plantations both get extra +1 production for every two adjacent Haciendas.

Civilization Vi New Frontier Pass Gran Colombia Simon Bolivar Civilization 6 Llanero

At first glance, Simon Bolivar’s and Gran Colombia’s uniques in Civilization VI seem tailor-fit for a rapid expansionist playthrough. Since all your units have extra movement, you’ll hardly worry about your scouts not being able to grab tribal villages, builders and settlers taking a while to reach a designated spot, or military units advancing towards an opponent. The Comandante General (seen below) is also nothing to scoff at since it’s obtained freely each new era, providing bonuses for your troops and causing havoc by depleting enemy health.

The Hacienda looks like it can also turn the tide of your campaign since you can build it on grasslands and plains-type tiles (including hills). That means you can gain the adjacency bonuses as though you had mines, along with the extra gold and housing to boot.

Civilization Vi New Frontier Pass Gran Colombia Simon Bolivar Civilization 6 Comandante General

Note: As mentioned in a previous article, Civilization VI‘s New Frontier Pass will include additional content released every couple of months until next year. The first offering that’s part of the season pass is other than the Maya and Gran Colombia Pack. You can expect more nations, as well as new game modes, wonders, districts, and leader personas (seen in the roadmap):

Civ Vi Roadmap

Civilization VI‘s New Frontier Pass releases on May 21, 2020, and it’s priced at $39.99. The Maya and Gran Colombia Pack, which is already part of that, can also be purchased separately. You can check out the official website for more information. Stay tuned for our guides and features hub as well.

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