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Slay the Spire has finally been graced with patch 2.0 and it brings a lot of new stuff to the game. There are new cards, relics, balance changes, some reworks, bug fixes, and the introduction of the long-awaited fourth character, the Watcher. Let’s run through all the important details from the update.

Who is the Watcher and what is she watching?

The Watcher has been in testing since September 2019, but she has finally entered the game. According to Slay the Spire’s lore, she has come to evaluate the Spire. She is blind, which means she probably isn’t the best evaluator. But using her divine stances and seeing staff, she will be casting judgment on the wicked Spire spawn.

As with all characters in Slay the Spire, the Watcher has her own set of cards and a few relics to enhance her moves. Her unique mechanic is her stances. She can enter, remain in, or exit her stances to cause a variety of effects using a range of cards. She has a total of four different stances – Calm, Divinity, Wrath, and None.

In Calm, the Watcher will gain two Energy. In Wrath, she deals and receives double damage. Divinity is a little more complicated. When the Watcher enters Divinity, she gains three Energy. While in the stance, she deals triple damage. But she is forced to leave the stance at the end of her turn. Finally, the Watcher can be in the None stance. Though it offers no bonuses, this stance is useful since many of her cards activate upon transitioning stance.

To unlock the Watcher, you need to first unlock the Defect and then complete a run with any character (defeat the Act 3 boss).

Step into the Potion Lab

Slay The Spire Potion Lab

Slay the Spire patch 2.0 introduced a ton of new potions to the game (14 to be exact), so Mega Crit Games has created a screen that allows you to view all the potions in the game. It’s called the Potion Lab, and it can be found in the Compendium section of the main menu. The Potion Lab will even display the rarities of all the potions.

To check out the full list of cards added and balances made to Slay the Spire with patch 2.0, you can check out the patch notes on Steam.

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