Battlefield 4

Don’t forget to wear your mittens.

Apparently, Battlefield 4 will have some sort of multiplayer segment to it. That’s the impression I’m getting from this new video about that very subject, anyway. It’s a pretty standard trundle through the game’s various buzzword features (“Commander mode”! “Levolution”! “Play your way”!) but if you pay close attention you’ll probably catch a glimpse of a map or two that hasn’t been fully shown off yet.

Like the one above, which is all snowy and stuff. There’s also one with what appears to be a destroyable dam, a sure recipe for a good time (and some wet shoes.) Close quarter combat maps will be nuzzling up cosily with expansive vehicle-heavy tank battle affairs, and everything is liable to get blown up.

In case you missed it on Saturday, the PC beta dates for Battlefield 4 have been announced. So head over to this previous news post of ours for the info on that. If you already know about the beta stuff, tuck right in to the hearty trailer meal below.

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