Sons Of The Forest Chainsaw Guide
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How to get a Chainsaw in Sons of The Forest

Chainsaw go BRRRRRRR!

Sons of the Forest has several weapons that can turn your foes into mincemeat. One of these is the Chainsaw. Rev it up and watch as your opponents’ limbs and heads flop and fly off. Here’s our guide to help you get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest.

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How to get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest

The Sons of the Forest Chainsaw has a bunch of requirements before you can enter the location that has it. We’ve outlined these steps below and, while we won’t go into too much detail, we’ve also linked the relevant guides in case you’d like to know more about those areas:

  • Get the Rope Gun so you can use Ziplines.
  • Get the Rebreather so you can dive and breathe underwater.
  • Once you have both, look for the Shovel. It lets you unearth hidden passageways.
  • Maintenance Keycard – Now that you have the Shovel, it’s time to visit various underground locations. The first is a green marker that’s inland and to the southwest (assuming you’re looking at the mountains/crash site to the north). This is also where you’ll find the Laser Sight attachment.
  • VIP Keycard – With the Maintenance Keycard, you’ll need to head to another underground facility. From where you got the previous keycard, you should see another green marker to the southeast. This place also has the Shotgun Rail and Virginia’s Floral Dress.
  • Open the 3D Printer room – Remember the craftable items like the Flask and Sled? These are made using the 3D Printer. Only one is accessible from the get-go, and it doesn’t require any other key. Go back to that place: if we assume that the mountains and crash site are to the north, then it’s the green marker that’s slightly southeast from the center of the mountain range.

You’re one step closer to getting the Sons of the Forest Chainsaw. Back in the underground area with the first 3D Printer, you should see a well-lit hallway that leads to a locked door. You can use the VIP Keycard to open it. Inside, you’ll stumble upon a few mutants, but nothing that’s too threatening, especially if you already have the Shotgun.

Continue heading further into the facility until you can climb up and reach the swimming pool section. If you go straight ahead, you can grab the Guitar and Guest Keycard. And, if you head to the right, you can unlock the door that leads to another corridor.

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The right-hand side path takes you to the exit, so don’t go there yet. Instead, make your way to the back. Inside is a lounge/home cinema where a dead fella is sitting. You can see the Chainsaw impaled straight through his chest.

Now that you have the Sons of the Forest Chainsaw, it’s time to lay waste to your enemies. Left-clicking does a simple slash, but right-clicking revs it up for a more brutal attack. Don’t forget to acquire more batteries so you can recharge its energy meter.

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Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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