As we had covered before, Crytek, makers of the Cryengine used for Space Citizen, is rumored to be going through some serious problems, although the studio itself denies it. Now, Star Citizen’s producers, Roberts Space Industries, explains that they are ready for the worst case scenario.

Now, RSI takes pains to affirm that Crytek has been a good partner in making the game with them, but they have already purchased for CryEngine, including the source code itself, and are essentially using their own fork of it now. It’s not clear if they are still looking to Crytek’s devs for help, but if worse comes to worse, they have everything they need to keep going.

Here’s the full statement from RSI:

We did an outright buyout of the engine last year and have the source code, so while we hope all the noise about Crytek blows over, as they are great partners and friends to the project, if the worse happened we would be ok, as we’ve already branched the engine and have a large team that is adding features and supporting it every day here at CIG. So even in the worst case scenario we should be fine, but obviously we hope it does not come to that.

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