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Splitgate, the Halo-esque shooter with a love of portals, released to beta late last year. The beta hit the ground running, and was so popular that people couldn’t even play it. As folks were trying to dive into the Splitgate craze, its servers buckled, and queue lines were implemented. Long story short, people couldn’t get enough. The developer, 1047 Games, eventually eased the server strain, and gathered $100 million USD in funding to develop the game and fuel its future. Next week, we’ll see the fruits of that cash and labor, as Splitgate beta Season 1 will launch next week with new modes, a map, and a custom map creator.

The Season 1 update adds a ton of fresh content for the shooter. The Foregone Destruction map is getting reimagined, according to the announcement. Sadly, we don’t know what the changes look like, but the team promises the arena will be brought up to “exemplary standards.” There will also be new designs for items and weapons, new characters, banners, sprays, and more. The two new modes are Evolution and One Flag CTF. Hotel is coming in as the new map, and it’s designed for “3v3 modes like Takedown, Showdown, and the new mode Evolution.”


Create and share new maps

You can imagine your own maps after the Splitgate Season 1 launch. It’ll come with a custom map creator, a tool that 1047 designed for creative members of the game’s community. You can even bring a friend along in making maps, as it supports co-creation. The custom map creator allows you to place building blocks, portal walls, and more. Plus, the team has planned on expanding the tool over time.

“Our custom map creator will continue to evolve alongside the rest of the game,” said Ian Proulx, CEO of 1047 Games, in a press release. “We’re looking at the map creator as an evolutionary tool driven by the community – it’s a robust feature for fans to play with day one of our new season, and we’re really interested in hearing feedback from the community regarding the types of features and tools they want.”

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