There are several great deals for Halloween stuff to mark the holiday. We’re only featuring some of them here, but feel free to share any favorites you find.

GOGcom is offering Halloween Horrors, with all time classics such as Phantasmagoria, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, and The Cat Lady are up for as low as $ 1.99. Check out their offerings here.

Humble Bundle’s frightening bundle includes Home, Five Nights At Freddy’s, Betrayer, and Among The Sleep. Pay $ 15 and above to get them all, or check your options here.

Speaking of Among the Sleep, that game is getting free DLC next week, although developers Krillbite have been quiet on details. If you prefer to add the game to your GOGcom library instead of Humble, you can do so from here. You can also opt to get it for Steam here, now 40 % off.

Gamersgate’s sales include Killing Floor, Darkness Within, and Anna Extended Edition. GreenManGaming may have taken the cake, however, by offering a Trick or Treat sale, with games going as low as 90 % off. Want to see what they have on sale? You’ll just have to play along to find out, here.

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