June 19th, 2017

Square Enix Collective wants pitches for Anachronox, Gex, Fear Effect

Square Enix’s Square Enix Collective initiative is accepting pitches for new games based around the Anachronox, Gex, and Fear Effect IPs.

If this is ringing dull bells in the back of your mind, that’s possibly because almost the exact same story popped up in November 2013. Back then, Square Enix announced that three old Eidos IPs would be available for pitching on the Collective… and, uh, then we heard nothing for about 15 months. Now, though, the submissions are open!

What this basically means is that developers can pitch new titles in the Anachronox, Gex, and Fear Effect franchises. Square Enix will take a look at them and approve what they’re happy with, and the approved pitches will then go out to public voting for 28 days. After the public voting and feedback is in, Square Enix will decide whether or not to properly greenlight the project. Once it’s greenlit it goes into crowdfunding, with the developer getting 80% of the game’s net revenue.

Square Enix is keen to note that they’re not just looking for direct sequels, though, and are more than happy for devs to suggest taking these IPs in strange and wonderful directions. “What would Gex look like in a side-scrolling adventure, or a turn-based strategy?” reads the post on the site.

That said, one of those IPs is Anachronox. Anachronox ended on a cliffhanger. To quote what Peter wrote back in November 2013: “Tom Hall, if you’re out there, and can stomach whatever terms and conditions Square Enix want to impose, Anachronox needs you.”

The reason behind the delay is, apparently, because Square Enix wanted the Collective to stand on its own feet rather than to be overshadowed by classic IPs. With Collective-approved Goetia having met its Kickstarter goal, it’s apparently time to open up and let developers pitch on those Eidos IPs.

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