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Revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct partner showcase event, Harvestella should appeal directly to players who enjoy games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. It functions as a life simulation RPG that sees the player performing all kinds of laid-back tasks, including growing crops and interacting with the local townsfolk. Since this is coming from Square Enix, you should also expect to see plenty of elements commonly featured in the company’s games, such as its action combat system and even its overall aesthetic. If you want to see Harvestella in action, then you can check out the trailer for the game below.

According to a press release, Harvestella takes place in a dynamic world that changes substantially depending on the season. The most significant changes appear to occur in the overworld, but this does not mean the towns that players can visit will remain bereft of activity. From managing crops to fishing to cooking and crafting various items, Harvestella‘s towns feature plenty of tasks for players to engage with and think about.


It’s a simple life, until it’s not

However, players cannot perform these tasks unimpeded. The season of death known as “Quietus” will intermittently occur and threaten crops as well as anyone who wanders outside. Townsfolk have not always had to deal with this disruption, so players must explore various dungeons to find out more about “the calamity.” Harvestella allows you to choose from a variety of jobs, including Fighter and Mage, when venturing out into the unknown. You must take advantage of each job’s abilities to come out on top in the game’s action RPG battles.

If you have been wanting to play a game that combines elements of both life simulators and traditional JRPGs, then Harvestella may provide what you are looking for. Players can pick the game up once it comes to Steam on November 4.

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