Square Enix Outriders

Many have wondered exactly what Square Enix would be bringing to E3 2019. Only recently did we learn that they would take the stage for a full presentation during the annual video game expo. Today, the Square Enix Twitter was active, announcing a new title, Outriders. Square Enix promises to show more during their press conference on June 10.

Outriders, eh?

There is not much known at this point as to what Outriders might exactly be. The teaser doesn’t give us much to go on. For starters, the person shown in the 15-second video looks as though they are trapped behind glass that is frosted over with ice. It also points to the possibility that they have been stuck in a cryosleep of sorts. Then, we see the frame start to glitch out before being shown a logo of sorts. The logo itself slightly resembles the arrows on a compass.

Digging deeper

Although the actual stated details regarding the reveal might be cryptic, that didn’t stop others from digging deeper into some of the metadata behind the post. For example, it has been pointed out that the video was also uploaded to YouTube. There, the description for the video reads “Initialize Cryostasis wake-up procedure.”

There are also a number of social media pages active for Outriders. The Facebook page seems like it has been active for just over a week now, with posts dating back to May 25 with yet another cryptic message displayed behind a frozen screen. This post reads, “I’m told it will be some weeks before I feel entirely like myself again. It’s unsettling being surrounded by so many active cryopods, but I’m looking forward to seeing Enoch.”

The Square Enix press conference will be streamed live during E3 2019. We’ll have our first chance to get the scoop on whatever Outriders is on June 10. We also know Square will unveil their new Marvel’s Avengers game there. Tune in at 6 PM PST/ 8 PM CT/ 9 PM EST to, hopefully, get the full details on these latest teasers.

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