Star Trek Resurgence Delayed To April 2023

Star Trek Resurgence has been delayed to April 2023

You'll have to wait a little longer.

Dramatic Labs’ upcoming Star Trek game was first announced in December 2021. At the time, Dramatic Labs revealed that it would release in Spring 2022. Obviously, this didn’t happen, as it was then pushed back to sometime in 2022. Today, Dramatic Labs has confirmed that Star Trek Resurgence is being delayed once again, this time to April 2023.

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In an announcement tweet, Dramatic Labs details why the delay is necessary. It states that production has been advancing throughout the summer, but development still needs more time. By delaying Star Trek Resurgence, it hopes to have the time necessary to add a final coat of polish and create a “truly immersive Star Trek experience.”


The developer emphasizes its love and admiration for Star Trek. Dramatic Labs believes that not delaying the game further would result in fans receiving an unsatisfactory product. This is clearly a passion project that Dramatic Labs is keen not to mess up. Dramatic Labs rounds off the announcement by stating how grateful its employees are to work on such an iconic IP and universe.

When you don’t delay enough

On one hand, it’s always frustrating to see a highly anticipated game like Star Trek Resurgence delayed. Star Trek fans will be eager to play it, and having to wait several more months to do so isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. However, most people these days tend to understand that delays like this are often necessary. Pushing back a game and making sure it’s up to standards is always the better choice than releasing an unfinished product and disappointing everyone.

We’ve seen plenty of examples in the past of what happens when a game is rushed out. From Battlefield 2042 to Fallout 76 to Cyberpunk 2077, rushed games almost always elicit the same response. They upset fans and make players lose faith in both the associated developer and publisher.

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