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It’s pretty hard these days to avoid spoilers. That goes for anything, really. Whether you’re a fan of movies, like the Star Wars franchise, or games, like the, uh, Star Wars franchise, it’s almost impossible to avoid everything. To help with those who want to go into the new film without seeing spoilers, EA has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming The Rise of Skywalker DLC. This also includes breaking up the new content to make sure your Battlefront II experience isn’t tarnished by The Rise of Skywalker spoilers.

Breakin’ up the Skywalkers

As noted, in order to avoid spoilers for those wanting to go into Rise of the Skywalker completely, the content release from EA has been broken up into two releases. The first update will come on December 17 and will reportedly include most of the content coming in the full release. The rest of the update will be seen days later on December 20, allowing fans to have the chance to see the corresponding film before diving back into Battlefront II.

What does the trailer say?

The latest trailer for the Star Wars Battlefront II: The Rise of Skywalker DLC released on its official YouTube page only but a few hours ago. The only real safe way to go about the new trailer is to avoid it altogether. But if you’re wanting more Kylo Ren or Rey, then watch on. Wait, was that a spoiler too?

The Star Wars Battlefront II: The Rise of Skywalker content update will partially launch on December 17, 2019. The rest of the content that’s part of that package will kick off on December 20. This hopefully gives you and your kin enough time to see the film. If you haven’t already taken a hiatus from social media, it might be wise to at least start muting keywords and people (if need be) on platforms like Twitter.

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