Stardew Valley The Board Game is now available for your tabletop

Stardew Valley The Board Game

Stardew Valley can now be enjoyed around a table with friends thanks to the board game version of the cute farming simulator. Developer ConcernedApe has been working with board game designer Cole Medeiros for two and a half years to bring Stardew Valley from your screen to your tabletop.

Interestingly, ConcernedApe also worked as the publisher for the Stardew Valley board game from beginning to end. The franchise owner revealed that pretty much everything from the video game is in the board game too. There are villagers, crops, animals, fishing, foraging, mining, and more.


The amazing thing about Stardew Valley The Board Game is that it can be played solo or with up to four players. As with the video game, you will play through a full year in the game. This will take roughly 45 minutes per player. However, there are rules to make the game easier or harder if you would like a shorter or more challenging experience.

Farming on your table

In the board game, players will work together to protect the Valley from the machinations of Joja Corporation. Your mission is to bring the Valley back to life by completing Grandpa’s Goals and restore the Community Center. The Goals for each game are randomized, which is wonderful for replayability.

Each round, a Season card is drawn to progress time. These cards will initiate events and change the weather. All players will discuss the turn before playing. However, each player is ultimately responsible for their own actions. As you play through the game, you will upgrade your starting tool, gain new skills, gather resources, find items, and more.

Stardew Valley Board Game Contents

ConcernedApe does warn that the game was designed to have depth. This means it can also be complex for beginners. To help you get a good idea of what you’re in for before making a purchase, you can check out the lengthy rulebook here.

You can purchase Stardew Valley The Board Game from the video game’s website. It will cost you $55 USD. That’s a lot more than the PC version. However, roughly the average price for an in-depth board game. Unfortunately, it only ships within the USA right now. ConcernedApe is still working out the details involved in international shipping.

If you do purchase the game, you should also bookmark the board game section of the Stardew Valley forum. There, you can ask questions and get answers directly related to the board game version.

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