Starfield Habs guide: All Ship Habs and best to buy

Starfield Habs Guide All Ship Best To Buy
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Trying to teach yourself how to create a ship in Starfield’s ship builder can be difficult. Any new player is probably scratching their head, wondering how to make it run properly and which parts to purchase. Not only that, but there are class A, B, and C ships, which makes it all the more confusing when trying to buy ship parts. One of the most important parts are Habs, short for Habitat Modules. Continue reading our Starfield Habs guide to learn about all the ship Habs and which are best to buy.

Best ship Habs and what they all do in Starfield

First off, Habitat Modules in Starfield are large sections of your ship that can hold workbenches, beds, storage, and many other interactable objects. They’re essentially your living quarters, and where you’re allowed to walk around when inside the ship. Ships you purchase come with Habs, but if you’re planning to edit or build your own, choosing the correct Habs can be daunting. Let’s go over all the ship Habs and what the best ones to buy are in this Starfield Habs guide.

Starfield Habs Guide All Ship Best To Buy Habitat Modules

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All Habs in Starfield

Hab Module Features
All-In-One Bearth Navigation Console, Galley, Bed, Passenger Slots.
Armory Weapon & Armor storage/display
Battle Station Navigation Console, Crew Stations
Brig Bed, Storage
Captain’s Quarters Bed, Storage, Galley
Cargo Hall Storage
Companionway Beds, Chairs, Storage
Computer Core Storage, Crew Stations
Control Station Crew Stations, Storage, Galley
Cross Walkway
Engineering Bay Storage
Infirmary Pharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab
Living Quarters Bed
Mess Hall Cooking Station, Galley
Science Lab Pharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab, Galley
Storeroom None
Workshop Hab Weapon, Spacesuit, & Industrial Workbenches, Research Lab

In total, there are 17 different Hab types you can purchase. Each Hab can come from a different manufacturer. Our guide on the best shipyards and manufacturers can help you when choosing who to buy from. Luckily, there are only five manufacturers who create Habs:

  • Deimos
  • HopeTech
  • Nova Galactic
  • Stroud Eklund
  • Taiyo Astroneering

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You should think about what Habs you have and how many because they can increase the amount of crew you can have on your ship. Also, it’s nice to have rooms where you can use workstations and labs without having to run back to the Lodge for them.

Starfield Habs Guide All Ship Best To Buy Technician

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How to purchase Habs in Starfield

It isn’t as difficult as you think to buy a Hab in Starfield. Talk to any Ship Services Technician at a landing area with one. Ask them to edit your ship, and you can press the ‘B’ key to enter ship builder. From there, you can select the ‘G’ key to attach new parts, and you’ll see a list of Habs to purchase.

It’ll tell you the manufacturer’s name first, then the type of Hab, and finally how big it is. There are plenty of options available, but even more as you start venturing off onto new planets and speak with different technicians. You can even buy Habs from people at shipyards or showrooms.

Best Habs in Starfield

Honestly, it’s hard to say which Habs are the best, because they all serve different purposes. But I can certainly list some Habs that you should definitely have on your ship. Overall, I think the most important Habs are the Science Lab and Workshop Hab. With these two Habs on your ship, you’ll have all the workbenches and labs you’ll ever need. Anything that gives you extra storage is also nice, as your cargo hold can get packed quickly.

  • All-In-One Berth: A central area for a nav console, a bed, and places for your passengers.
  • Armory: Perfect for storing weapons and armor you don’t want weighing you down.
  • Captain’s Quarters: Offers you a nice bed and some storage.
  • Science Lab: Includes both Pharmaceutical and Research Labs.
  • Workshop Hab: Holds all the workbenches you need.

Starfield is available on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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