Starfield pays in-game tribute to gamer who passed away

Starfield player standing in front of a Hilly Desert landscape on a Barren Planet.
Image: Bethesda

Starfield, Bethesda’s new open-world space RPG has garnered immense praise and positive reviews from both critics and players alike for its detailed stories and impressive scale. Players have enjoyed exploring the expansive universe that Bethesda has crafted, with hidden items and Easter eggs lying around every corner in a chest, dead NPC or just hiding in plain sight. Various players have discovered one bittersweet item, in the form of a note, put in by the developers as a tribute towards a certain gamer. Alex Hay had posted on Reddit in early 2023 that he wouldn’t likely be able to play due to his lung cancer and told members of r/Starfield to enjoy the game on his behalf.

Alex Hay, beloved developer and gamer

Alex Hay was an iOS app developer who had, in his own words, been following Starfield for years before its release. Alex remarked that he was looking forward to playing the game as a distraction from his cancer. But in March 2023, Bethesda announced a delay in Starfield’s release from its original November 11, 2022 release date to September, at a time when Alex had stopped lung cancer treatment and entered palliative care.

Sadly, Alex was not able to experience the space epic he was looking forward to since he passed away before Starfield’s release. Many community members since then started making requests online to get Bethesda’s attention and honor him in some way. Fortunately, the post had probably caught the eye of someone at Bethesda and the team decided to honor him by adding a tribute in his name.

Tribute to Alex Hay in Starfield

Players can find the note, dedicated to Alex Hay, which Bethesda has added. The tribute can be found by going all the way across the right-hand side glass tunnel once you enter the Eye.

Image of "Alex Hays Note" item in Starfield

Screenshot: PC Invasion

On discovering “Alex Hay’s Note,” players can open it to read:

“To all my friends and fellow explorers. I’m always with you, out there in the starfield. Love Always, Alex Hay.”

And with this, Alex Hay was immortalized in one of the biggest games of 2023.


Starfield is available for Xbox and PC.