Steam autumn sale 2014

The falling leaves represent falling prices, or something.

Happy Steamsalesgiving! As all signs had indicated, Valve’s game-giveaway extravaganza has begun. It looks to be working pretty much the same way as always, with a set of Daily Deals (which will last, surprisingly, 24 hours) and Flash Deals that last eight hours apiece. At present there’s no sign of any ‘Community Vote’ deals, however.

If you’re wanting to dabble in some open worlds, Skyrim is 75% off (making it $7.50 over here) and Sleeping Dogs is even cheaper at 80% off ($5.00.) Tim’s favourite hiding in beds and cupboards simulator Outlast has two thirds off, and is now about $7.00. Horrific beasts are also at large in Telltale’s The Walking Dead for just $6.25Or maybe you just want to stick people in prison in Introversion’s Prison Architect? That’s $15.00, which still costly for something in early access, but half as much as it normally is.

Flash-wise, Space Hulk, which is a magnificent board game but received mixed reviews in videogame form, can be had for just over $10.00. Those deals will cycle in just under eight hours, so keep an eye out for new stuff in there.

Traditional Steam Sale Advice: If there is something you’re interested in buying, wait to see if it goes on a Daily Deal before buying. The Autumn Sale runs until 3 December, so there’s every chance you might see your preferred title cheaper. Other deals will run for the duration, so there’s no harm in waiting until 3 December.

Now enjoy this annual video presentation.

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