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Happy weekend to you all, may your spare time be spent productively (ie; playing PC games from the Steam Summer Sale.) What’s that, you haven’t bought anything in the sale yet? That’s actually very sensible if you still have a bunch of other games to play, but in case you do want a bit of a prompt towards a bargain these are the IncGamers recommendations from today’s selection.

First of all, a reverse recommendation. Wasteland 2 at $40.00 USD is only worth it if you are desperate to play the beta before the game launches in August. When it does come out, it’ll be cheaper and you’ll be able to play through the whole game. So, you know, if you have any patience that would be the wise move.

Skyrim is only sale again at $5.00 USD (or $14.00 for the Legendary Edition with all the DLC.) This pretty much happens every time the Steam Summer Sale comes around, but it’s a pretty safe bet if you want a 3,000 hour RPG to carry you through the sunny months. Plus you can easily mod it to make your hero look like a pregnant pony-fox beast, if that’s your thing.

If you like incredibly self-aware games that are also rather clever and funny, then The Stanley Parable at $6.00 should be tempting. Anybody with any interest at all in Terraria should get that for $2.00, too. I mean, it’s two dollars.

In the current Flash sales (disappearing in about seven hours,) Tim would point you towards Rocksmith 2014 (assuming you have the relevant guitar bits and bobs) at $15.00, and it’s interesting to see Van Helsing 2 already discounted to a shade over $10.00. It was still a bit buggy when I reviewed it a month or so back, but otherwise a fine follow-up to the first game.

Apparently the Red Team won the special card trading frenzy Bonus Adventure Game yesterday. At the time of writing, the Greens have an early lead for day three.

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