steam summer sale 2014 final results

Today is the FINAL DAY of the Steam Summer Sale 2014. As soon as 10am Pacific rolls around tomorrow, you’ll have to buy PC games at full price again. It’ll be horrible. So take advantage while you can, for the next 24 hours.

Update: The sale is now CLOSED. Tell us how far you fell into debt, here.

This last day sees the return of (as far as I can tell) pretty much every Daily Deal that’s been run over the course of the whole sale. That makes it both very easy and quite hard to recommend specific games. Basically, if there’s something you’re interested in on Steam, there’s a fair chance it’s cheaper than usual right now. Have a look down your wishlist. Keep in mind that there might be special DLC-bundle versions of the game available on sale too (Skyrim: Legendary Edition etc.)

Flash deals and Community Choice deals have been wound up for the summer, so it’s just (“just”) the smorgasbord of Dailies.

Steam has also published some final results in the most exciting global summer competition since the World Cup: the Steam Summer Sale Bonus Summer Adventure. Red team were the overall winners with the most points gathered and most wins. You can see the podium, above.

Adventure trading cards are, according to Valve, going to vanish at 10am ([Edit] 11am, actually) Pacific. So you might want to do something with them before that time.

Next year, we can do this all again …

Today Is The Final Day Of The Steam Summer Sale 2014

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