June 18th, 2017

Steam Summer Sale begins 19 June, online promotion claims

steam summer sale paysafecard
They do seem pretty sure.

An online promotion being run by PaySafeCard suggests that the Steam Summer Sale will be a mid-June event this year. We’ve been pursuing clues towards the start date for a while now, starting with the leaked image asking games creators to get their sale spreadsheets in by 13 June and added to by the recent appearance of Mysterious Cards on the Steam marketplace.

Reader MorningLM brought our attention to the online promotion, which almost certainly originated from this Reddit thread.

Even this isn’t direct confirmation of the Steam Summer Sale dates (the company could be in error, or simply looking to drive traffic to its promotion,) but it does chime with the prior indications of a mid-to-late June start date.

If the image above is accurate, the sale will run from 19 June to 30 June.

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