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EA Access, Electronic Arts’ game subscription service, is “coming soon to Steam,” according to the Steam store page. More information on the move was dropped in the official web page. The service has been available on console since way back in 2014, and PC via Origin Access since 2016. It provides users with a library of ‘vault games,’ which are typically older titles, alongside free trials for new EA releases. This comes after EA pledged to bring various products to Steam.

EA Access varies system by system. The console version of the service is a one-tier deal. For $30 USD a year, you get vault access, a 10-hour trial for new games, and a 10% discount on all other EA products. On PC via Origin Access, there are two tiers. The basic tier follows the console structure, where a premier version also exists just on PC. Origin Access Premier sets you back $100 USD a year, containing extra perks like vault DLC, more vault games, and unlimited early access trials.

EA Access Steam

EA when?

It’s unclear at present which EA Access service will come to Steam. You’d think that both Origin Access tiers would be available as it’s the same base platform. However, EA may want to keep the premier tier exclusive to Origin, as it has proved with the console options. EA Access began the shift towards games as subscriptions services, with Game Pass taking that format and running with it in the years after its launch.

The EA Access vault, even at the basic level, is pretty substantial these days. It varies slightly by platform, but expect various Battlefield titles, Star Wars games, Titanfall entries, and The Sims 4, among others. The vault does evolve over time too, so even if the subscription isn’t appealing at present, it could provide an option down the line. At present, some EA titles still need Origin to work, but that could change as EA brings more to Steam in the future.


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