steam holiday sale 2014

That’s how much cocaine you’ll need to get through your backlog.

As the winter snows descend, a flickering light emerges in Gabe’s holiday deals barn: the Steam Winter Sale 2014 has begun. Before getting to some of today’s better offers, here’s the usual piece of advice you’ll ever hear regarding Steam sales: wait for the Daily Deals.

If a game appears listed as a Daily Deal, it is discounted to its lowest point. Lower than the “general” sale price that will extend across the 18 December to 2 January period. So, if you have your eye on a game and it’s (say) 25% off, it could be worth waiting to see if it shows up as a Daily, where it will inevitably be slightly cheaper.

Or, you know, just decide what’s a fair price for you and take the plunge if your desired game hits that level at any point. That’s fine too.

Today’s dailies include Dark Souls 2 at the curious discount of 63% off, though bear in mind that the fancy-pants Scholar of the First Sin edition is due next April. The mighty Euro Truck Simulator 2 is 85% off, and the newly released Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has a 33% discount as well. Tim will hit me with a guitar and/or bass if I don’t mention Rocksmith 2014’s 65% discount … so I will. Make sure you have the right adapter business for your guitar, though.

There are some 12 hour deals alongside the dailies, including 80% off Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (I have no idea if this is any good) and 75% off Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition.

Valve has brought back Community Voting which, once again, earns you special Steam Winter Sale trading cards to sell, craft, turn into gems or whatever. Even though the auctions have ended, gems can still be used to create trading card booster packs.

Handily, the front page now has a “from my wishlist” section. So you can have a quick check over whether anything you’ve been watching is super-cheap today. Merry Gabemas, one and all.

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