Steam Sale gabe blasphemy

Give us this day our daily Gabe.

Can anything beat Half-Life 2 for $2.50 USD in the today’s Steam Winter Sale offerings? Frankly, yes. I mean, unless you really haven’t played Half-Life 2, in which case go ahead. It holds up pretty damn well.

Elsewhere, there’s a chance to own one of the best stealth games of recent years in Mark of the Ninja ($3.00,) and pick up Company of Heroes 2 for less than $15.00. I liked it, but then I’d never played the original game so it all seemed fresher to me than it may to others. XCOM is back at $10.00 today too. Since it only came out earlier this year, it’s impressive to see Grid 2 at 75% off ($13.00.)

In the current Flash Deals, Don’t Starve looks good for a shade over $5.00. Same for Super Meatboy (if you don’t have it, and desire a tight, maddening platformer) at $3.00.

Steam Suggestion Corner: Only a couple of days remain in the Steam sale, but it’s still the smart choice to wait for specific games to appear in the Daily, Community or Flash deals. If they don’t, only then should you consider the general sale price. From what I can gather, the last Daily deals will go up on 2 January at 10am Pacific Time.

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