Steam Sale gabe blasphemy

See you next year, Holy Sales Gaben.

As is something of a tradition with the Steam Winter Sale, the final day of sales brings back some of the more popular deals from the past couple of weeks. I guess if they were really, really popular then that means everybody will already have the game, but I’m sure Valve’s special Economic Scientists have worked all this stuff out for maximum revenue harvesting.

So, today you can revisit (or embrace for the first time,) Steam sale deals like Tomb Raider for $10.00, Far Cry 3 for $7.50, Skyrim for the same price (no DLC though, you’d have to get that separately) and Dark Souls for $6.00 (although remember that Games For Windows Live being turned off later this year might knacker the multiplayer.)

If you have any left over snow globe trading cards, you may as well try to do something with them in the next 22 hours or so, because after that point they will fade into the ether, never to be seen again (unless they return for next Christmas’ Steam sale, of course.)

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