Last chance to scale Mt. Bargains (for a bit.)

Today is the last full day of Steam’s Thankgiving-based Exploration Sale, and the last chance to get some cheap PC games out of Valve. Well, at least until the Winter Sale rolls around which will probably be in less than a month.

Looks like there are a fair few “sale perennials” showing up today. Games which pretty much always pop up during the seasonal Steam discounts. I’m talking about stuff like XCOM (75% off) and Skyrim (75% off,) which also have reductions on their various DLCs and (in Skyrim’s case) has a “Legendary Edition” on sale too.

In terms of more recent games, Alien: Isolation is half off (making it $25.00 USD over here.) Tim seemed to enjoy crawling around its delightful 1970s sci-fi interiors … although maybe “enjoy” isn’t quite the right word here.

Wasteland 2 has 33% off as well, for those looking for a traditional 90s-era PC RPG (and who didn’t already buy Divinity: Original Sin when it was cheap yesterday.)

Other notables include Splinter Cell: Blacklist (75% off,) the original Killing Floor (also 75% off) and, just because I have an unreasonable love for the series, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (66% off for that one.) Mind you, Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is coming to the PC in January, so you might want to wait for that one instead.

Oh, Crusader Kings II is cheap as well (75% off.) That’s a good game too.

The Steam Exploration sale wraps up at 10am Pacific time (6pm UK) on 2 December.

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