Strider strides towards the PC on 19 February

strider (4)

More sweeping than striding, there.

I’ve not played the original Strider (I know, I know, sorry,) but according to Tim it’s “quite good” and “possibly the best game with a giant robot gorilla.” I’d argue that Binary Domain had a pretty good giant robot gorilla too, but I’m willing to defer to Tim on this one.

Double Helix and Capcom are revisiting the title on 19 February in a way that isn’t quite a remake, but also isn’t quite a new Strider either. They call it a game that has “the same franchise hallmarks.” So lots of side-scrolling and hacking up robots with a cool sword, then (I may not have played it, but I know that much.)

Alongside the basic story mode, Strider also has “Beacon Run” (a speed run style approach where you have to hit timed checkpoints) and “Survival” modes. Survival mode is a survival mode with waves of enemies. You know how those work.

Naturally, there will be online leaderboards for all of this stuff, so you can compare your Strider-ness with other people.