Incgamers: Yeah I can certainly see TL2+SynergiesMOD is more fun rather than NG++++++++…N. What have you all learned from developing such a cool mod? Any advice for modders out there?

Salan: I have learned a lot but mostly never to underestimate your abilities. I started out not knowing how to mod this game. I tinkered and tinkered. The amount of knowledge I gained by just TRYING has been so vast. So many people on the TL2 runic forums say they won’t mod until GUTS is released. But SynergiesMOD stands as an example of what dedication and determination can do, even without GUTS. Don’t wait for someone to make it easier for you, you can achieve a great deal already!

My only suggestion to someone starting out is to do what I did. Start by simply making a copy of a monster, and change its display name. Summoning that monster and the original side by side will give you the understanding that you CAN create something new. And from there its all gravy, and time, and… ya… you get the idea!

Kelintor: Begin with a small mod, when you encounter a roadblock don’t ask immediately for help. Trials and errors will give you a better comprehension of the game than if someone do all the work for you. Finally when you can’t advance further ask the community for hints/help.
Epoch: Here are some words of wisdom:

  1. Organization is the key to success. Organize your ideas. Organize your folders. Organize everything. It’s very easy to get lost in what you’re working on.
  2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is the only way to truly learn something.
  3. Ask questions. There are many excellent forum threads on “How to….” Use these as your foundation when you begin. If you experience a complication, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  4. Tinker with things. Don’t give up at the first sign of complications. Half the fun is trying to figure out how to manipulate the game.

Incgamers: @All: Could you share any future plans of your SynergiesMOD or own creations?

Salan: Well The mod has been so extensive and so much all of everything that it takes time to get to specific points. Take for instance mercenaries. This was high on my priority list from the start, but as others make their own versions my priorities get restructured. Is making my copy that I envisioned a better use of my time or using the other one until I get the freedom to do so a better option? And so something’s just move around in when they will be done, but they will always be done.

My immediate goals right now? Integrating the graphical change for the Necromancer charge bar. This has been a lot more challenging than I expected, and its finally done! I also started work on the Paladin integration last night! 1.50 will likely be a bit slower of a patch because of this. I also made 5 new humanoid pets with my end game armor sets on them, and I translated them directly into my own mercenary pack that will be replacing the one in the mod finally. The Paladin is in the works, and its coming sooner then soon!

I will also be starting use of the SynergiesTEST to fully test out Catdogs new petmod within the next few days before integrating it into the mod, if you want to get a hands on this excellent testing situation, you’ll have to check our forums!

Kelintor: Not for now, sometimes I get ideas from reading the official mod discussion forum.

Incgamers: @All: Lastly, anything you’d like to add or say to your fans etc?

Salan: I am vastly amazed at the reception I get daily on the forums, and in the game. I will continue being me. Publishing patches, fixing bugs, including new features and finding new and exciting things to bring into SynergiesMOD as well as supporting the other modders to the utmost of my ability, and doing Community inclusive events!

Various piece and parcel mods were integrated or mimicked as they would have conflicted and been un-usable inside of SynergiesMOD without it being done. One of the biggest contributors to date to Synergies has been MFS88. We have gone so far as to have built a very extensive relationship and I would consider him part of the mod team beyond almost anything else. His model work has brought extensive life to the mod that would never have been achievable without it.

On top of this the huge contribution by Catdog on the forums. He has been the lifeline I have definitely clung to to progress the ‘out of game’ information to be current and up to date. He has since started branching into modding in his own right, and will likely be adding more content to the mod over time in the future as well! And a mod is nothing without its website, Fluffydough as to this date done all the website work pro-bono as a fan, and I work very closely with him.

Patches does all the IT fixes in the same context. As the mod expands so does the website itself. There are huge undertakings underway for our website including a dungeon journal and class journal for future updates!. I also maintain a healthy amount of Community events, so stop by the website, follow us on twitter, find us on Facebook or enjoy a good Reddit entry. But most of all. Enjoy the mod, it’s made for that purpose first and foremost.

Kelintor: Thank you for using my mod and giving feedback it’s a good incentive to continue.

Epoch: Thanks and I hope you look forward to a dozen more new classes soon.

Retexturing by AttackGorrilla At TeamTorcher shows the depth of the community over at Torchlight 2 – Salan

Salan, Epoch and Kelintor, thank you very much for your time today guys, best of luck to you all, we hope to see more from the SynergiesMOD and yourselves, please keep in touch! At time of writing, to obtain the latest version Salan’s SynergiesMOD v1.49, simply head on over to and click the ‘Get it’ link and check out their forums for feedback and help.

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