SynergiesMOD team interview

A fresh overhaul, a total conversion, Salan’s SynergiesMOD provides new Necromancer, Paladin and Warlock(WIP) classes loaded with passives and skills, a new town, higher tier weapons and armour, more pets, more inventory space, quests, PvP dungeon, crafting legendary armour and even new world bosses to take on and more! It really is an mod awesome to check out, so we asked Salan, Epoch and Kelintor to give their thoughts behind SynergiesMOD and Torchlight 2 in general.

So let’s kick off with some background info…

Incgamers: How did it all start? What inspired you to think, okay, this is what I’m going to make?

Salan: I loved Torchlight 1 even though I wasn’t very active with it, I’m not a fan of single player games and I love a good challenge in Action RPGS. When they announced Torchlight 2 and said it would be multiplayer I decided right then at that announcement that I would make a MOD for that game. I had no clue what type of mod, but something that took my favorite gaming experiences and put them into my favorite style of game, a complete conversion! My original plan was simply to have a creative outlet that my wife and myself could enjoy when our kids were sleeping at night. Anytime I can make something complicated enough to get an emotional screaming curse out of her, yet easy enough for her to actually understand and do, it was worth doing!

Kelintor: I wanted to have some specific monsters as pets, back in October many modders were starting their own custom pets and were taking request. I was replied that some of my requests weren’t possible and I found that strange, I was already modding Torchlight 1 back then so I knew somehow the limitations. I didn’t want to begin modding without GUTS so I decided to wait. Finally growing out of patience I began modding a sword for bran a player I meet in the Community Hub tool by RMUK as he wanted to do mods but wasn’t able to (it seems the tools doesn’t work well on WinXP). Then I began doing more and more things.

Epoch: I followed Torchlight 2 development for a long time due to the advertisement of being friendly to mods. I thoroughly enjoyed all the mods the community developed for Torchlight 1, and I expected the bar to be raised for Torchlight 2. I never expected that I would be the one modding the game, though. It wasn’t until I played Synergies in early January that I decided I would start development. Once I saw that Salan had created a custom class without the GUTS development tools, I told myself it was time to begin doing it myself. I picked Ninja because I saw it was one class I wanted to make that wasn’t on Salan’s list of classes to develop. I figured it would be a good place to begin since many people enjoy playing games with ninjas. It was one of roughly a dozen classes I had planned out in my mind.

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