This Week in Digital: March 7, 2014

Daily Royale

This weekend, get Spaceforce Constellations for 60 % off, from $ 9.99 down to $ 3.99. Daily Royale is offering DRM-free Windows, Desura and Steam keys. Offer lasts in the next three days, or when keys run out (362 as of this writing).

But what is Spaceforce Constellations, you may ask? It is a space themed action strategy from Dreamatrix. Scour space for resources and conquer the galaxy!

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This Week In Digital: February 21, 2014

Desura Freedom Fridays

Desura comes off strong with this week’s Freedom Fridays with frenetic 16-bit style shooter Super Mega Bob, for Windows. Also on offer are Astrorush for Windows, HOCKEE for Windows and Mac, and Walk for Windows. In case you forgot, guys, all Freedom Fridays games are free.

This week, we are also adding in a new online store: Daily Royale, which offers indies at discounts for as much as 70 % off. Daily Royale offers games with Steam keys, Desura keys, and DRM free when available. These are extremely limited in supply and timeframe, so if you want them you should get them ASAP!

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