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SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow

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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Review

SimCity is an evil game. It’s disgusting, in fact. I love SimCity but at the same time I hate it. It taunts me and keeps me awake at night. I was pretty disappointed with the…

By: Paul Younger

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Skybridges look mental

When SimCity Cities of Tomorrow launched the large futuristic towers are going to be linked with new transport infrastructure, the Skybridges. New shots have been released showing these new transportation networks and it all looks…

By: Paul Younger

Bright new SimCity Cities of Tomorrow shots

The horror of never having larger cities is just starting to sink in and the SimCity Cities of Tomorrow is not too far away from release. One of the features of the new expansion is the…

By: Paul Younger

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Mega Towers explained

The SimCity expansion Cities of Tomorrow may be pricey but what exactly do you get for your money? A new developer blog explains one of the new features, the Mega Towers. Maxis are reluctant to…

By: Paul Younger

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