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Zeno Clash 2

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Bundle Stars launches FPS Warriors 2 Bundle

It’s time for another Bundle Stars bundle, and this one’s not half bad. The FPS Warriors 2 bundle slaps eight shooters together for the price of €3.50, and a few of those shooters are most…

By: Tim McDonald

Zeno Clash II Review

When I played the first Zeno Clash, the world of Zenozoik felt like something out of a long lost 1980s fantasy film; unique, exciting and strange. Those feelings are there in the sequel too, particularly…

By: Peter Parrish

Zeno Clash 2 patched to improve FOV

Zeno Clash 2 has been out in the wild since Tuesday, and quite a few players were unimpressed with the narrow FOV (Field of View) provided by the game. This was sometimes an aesthetic complaint,…

By: Peter Parrish