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Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn continues an epic story two years in the making

It's coming soon!

At today’s surprisingly brief State of Play online event, Sony revealed a diminutive slate of titles that are sure to please gamers in the coming months. Bandai Namco showed off Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn, a direct follow-up to 2021’s Tales of Arise that is due to arrive later this year.

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People who pay attention to trademarks and such will recall that Bandai Namco trademarked the title last December in Europe, but this is the game’s first appearance at an event such as State of Play. Best of all, it came with a specific date we can expect to get our hands on it: November 9, 2023.

For the unfamiliar, the ‘Tales of’ series dates back to the Super Famicom. The first title in the series, Tales of Phantasia, launched in Japan in 1995. The series didn’t head west until the release of Tales of Destiny in North America in 1998. Since then, numerous entries have headed west, though it sometimes seems that just as many of them never leave Japan.

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Released in early September of 2021 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC, Tales of Arise received atypically high marks for the franchise, which some felt had stagnated during the PlayStation 4’s reign at the top of the console heap. The positive early reception helped it to become the fastest-selling game in the franchise to date.

In the trailer, a narrator reveals that “one year has passed since the end of the Great Conflict.” The journey continues, and “the gang’s all here.” Judging by the brief scenes shown, the story will center around a mysterious young woman whom the heroes must assist, perhaps at great personal cost.

Given the franchise, it’s easy to tap out for a few installments, and then jump back in when the next one arrives. Beyond the Dawn is an expansion, meaning players will want to get to know the characters in Tales of Arise first. I have a little catching up to do myself, and Tales of Arise looks like the perfect place to do it. Will you be continuing your adventures with the heroes this November?

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