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Set 7.5 of Teamfight Tactics is wrapping up with the last patch notes of the set, and we’re getting the endearing “for fun” patch this time around with 12.22. As a way to wind down and celebrate the theme of Set 7 overall, that being dragons and lots of them, we’re getting a patch with less of an interest in balance and more to do with fun. For this set, Mortdog and the team has given a variety of buffs to champions who never really got the chance to shine as carries, while also granting players two treasure dragon stages per round.

Treasure Dragons are a mechanic inĀ Teamfight Tactics, allowing you to pick a variety of items or item components tailored to your needs. If you are running an AP-focused comp and are lacking damage items, this is the time when you can roll down and get the items that you need. Introduced in Set 7.5, rounds can also be “chaos” or “order” Treasure Dragons, giving you even more items such as radiant items or emblems. With double the dragons per game, we should be seeing more of these unique dragons pop up.

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Many units in this set also have not gotten the chance to shine as carries, such as Wukong or Taliyah. Many weaker units usually used to fill up traits are now getting some buffs which should help them become niche carries in the right situation. Vertical traits such as Bruisers and Tempest that weren’t often run are also getting buffs in this final patch, hopefully allowing players to run more unique comps such as 8 Bruisers or 4 Shapeshifters.

As with all the final patches of Teamfight Tactics, this last patch will last three weeks instead of two. This gives you an extra seven days to grind out the ladder before the newest set comes to the game: Monsters Attack. Check out the official Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.22 patch notes here.

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Image via Riot Games

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