Tears Of Avia

Those of you excited to play a new turn-based RPG with strategic elements will have nothing to cry over this summer. PQube and the developers at CooCooSqueaky have announced that Tears of Avia will debut on Steam this summer. It promises to bring lots of role-playing goodness to your PC, complete with party building and more.

Don’t cry over spilled enemies

Tears of Avia places you into the world of Estera, which… well, it’s seen better days. Two large city-states are in the midst of war — Tirig and Helmgar. As a smaller party within the game, it’ll ultimately be up to you to decide how it all plays out.

Here, you’ll build your own customized party and set out to explore the secret of the now-abandoned cities within the world. You’ll need to use all of your unique abilities to battle against enemies, all while trying to keep the team’s personal opinions from tearing them apart.

Tears Of Avia 2

Tears of Avia provides you with five different classes and dozens of playable characters to choose from. You can combine them together however you see fit, creating hundreds of special attacks as a result. In addition, you can also level them up, as each character comes with their own upgrade and leveling tree.

Strategy plays a big part in each battle, as you’ll need to think both offensively and defensively against others. Prepare for incoming attacks that can throw you for a loop, then strike back with a few of your own. Use retaliation and redirects the best that you can, and survive to continue on your journey. Just be careful of the actions you take, as they’ll play out in the game’s narrative and ultimately lead to fateful decisions.

Tears of Avia will release via Steam this summer. You can learn more about the game on its official page, and check out its debut trailer below. Who’s ready for an adventure?

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