A while back it was announced that Telltale Games would be making a new episodic game series based on George RR Martin’s critically acclaimed book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Not only are the books best sellers but the TV network HBO have turned the series into a wildly popular TV shoe called Game of Thrones.

So far it is unclear exactly when the games will take place but so far it seems they will be based on the show so you’ll likely see some familiar faces. The world of Game of Thrones is staggeringly vast and complicated so to help complete such a daunting task, Telltale are getting some direction and advice from George RR Martin’s PA who will consult the development of the game.

Other than being Martin’s PA, Ty Corey Frank is the co-author of Honor Amongst Thieves, a Stars Novel, and Leviathan Wakes. The game will likely play in a similar way to The Walking Dead episodic series or the more recent The Wolf Among Us. Both games have been excellent and this Game of Thrones adaption is one to watch out for.

Source: GamrMe

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