The Walking Dead Telltale Games

Availability on Telltale’s The Walking Dead episodic games on Steam hasn’t exactly been the greatest lately. The first two seasons ended up removed from the store following the company’s closure in 2018. As for A New Frontier and The Final Season, they never got a chance to debut on the service due to Epic Games Store exclusivity. But now, Steam owners will finally get a chance to pick them all up.

Skybound confirmed today that all four of The Walking Dead’s seasons will hit Steam tomorrow, meaning January 22. If you somehow just can’t wait that long to get a taste of what the games are like, a demo for The Final Season is available.

How much will the seasons go for?

Those that are interested in snagging the seasons can do so for $15 apiece. There’s no word on any kind of package deal, but one might be available in the future.

This is good news for those that have been vying to pick up the seasons for some time. They were available for a little while, but following Telltale’s controversial closure, they vanished without a trace. Fortunately, Skybound Interactive picked up the rights to the series and has begun redistributing the games accordingly.

Their release will possibly tie in with Skybound Entertainment’s unrelated Walking Dead game, Saints and Sinners. It will arrive on the virtual reality front on January 23, with its preorder page up now. This is a major moment for the zombie franchise for video game fans.

So if you missed out on The Walking Dead games before — or you’ve been busy with something else — here’s your chance to revisit the whole saga. Keep close tabs on this page to see when they’ll go live. For good measure, check out the trailer below and see where Clementine’s troublesome journey began.

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