Terraria Final Update Labor Of Love Launch Release Date Changes

This all feels so familiar, Re-Logic. I recall it was only around two years ago when I wrote about the Journey’s End update, which I was told was the last coming to Terraria. Imagine my surprise when the final update received a final update some months later. And, what’s this? Terraria is getting another final update, this time for reals. Maybe. Who can honestly say but developer Re-Logic itself. Jokes aside, the Labor of Love update is bringing some much-requested changes to Terraria — and it’s releasing next week.

Dozens on top of dozens of changes are coming in the update. Labor of Love (update 1.4.4) will likely live up to its name for Terraria fans. Re-Logic gave the YouTuber ChippyGaming the opportunity to announce this update in a six-minute video, which went into details. Some of the changes include cost reductions on items like the Defender Medal. Drop rate for the Rare Pirate Drops have been doubled, with the Flying Dutchman now “dramatically” more likely (up to 10 times) to drop items.


Labor of Love also adds a new tool called the rubblemaker. In a weekend news post, Re-Logic shared a couple videos by YouTuber Khaios, who showed off the new toy. The rubblemaker is an item-placement tool, and it’s something fans of base decoration should, well, love. However, the trailers are marked as spoilers, so I won’t get too far into the details. But one person, Stephen Bouthot, in the replies said: “The Rubblemaker is definitely a game changer for builders and map creators.” Sounds positive.

Terraria – Labor of Love update is the last one after release — possibly

Terraria, despite its unassuming aesthetic, has become one of the most popular crafting survival games on Steam. It has more than 800,000 reviews on Steam, and currently stands at ‘Overwhelmingly Positive.’ The game has been around since 2011, and you probably even have it in your Steam Library, even if you don’t realize it.

The Labor of Love update, coming September 28, may indeed be the last. But, man, what a legacy.

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