The ‘Alien’ Xenomorph is Dead by Daylight’s next Killer

The 'alien' Xenomorph Is Dead By Daylight's Next Killer Featured Image
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Dead by Daylight and crossovers have become synonymous. From characters from other properties like Resident Evil and Attack on Titan to actors like Nicolas Cage, the game’s universe is expanding in a big way. Dead by Daylight’s roster is growing once again with the iconic titular villain from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror franchise Alien. The Xenomorph has already had its video game debut, however, for Dead by Daylight, with the Alien being the new killer, the character seems to be taking a new life.

Dead by Daylight: The Alien Xenomorph teased to be the next killer

Aside from the new map, we don’t know much about how the Alien will play. But according to Behaviour Interactive, we will learn more about the horrors of space on August 8th. If you’ve played or watched any of the properties in the Alien franchise, you can expect the Xenomorph to add a new level of difficulty to the asymmetric horror game. 

From the gameplay trailer below, it looks like players will be hunted on the Nostromo, the ship from the Alien movies. So there may be tons of hallways with loops and large living quarters to hide in. It’s also worth noting that Dead by Daylight will be going to space with this new chapter. 

This is a great addition to the line-up since players have been asking for it for quite some time now. There was a little rumbling back in April that started the rumors, but nothing came out of that till now. 

If you’re looking to jump back into the team-based horror game, the Alien’s chapter could be for you. Since most of the killers are technically from Earth, one could imagine how much the Xenomorph will change the meta of Dead by Daylight. The Alien being introduced in the game’s universe opens up a wide range of villains or creatures to pick from. Who knows, we could have an in-game version of Alien vs Predator

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