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In terms of assault rifles, the Krig 6 is a reliable weapon that has the ability to deal a huge amount of damage. In Verdansk and Rebirth Island, this is no different. With the correct attachments, the accuracy, damage, and range in particular can be maximized. Therefore, the Krig 6 is a versatile weapon in Warzone, ready to take on any gunfight.

The first attachment you should equip to your Warzone Krig 6 class is the Agency Suppressor Muzzle. This will provide your bullets with some sound suppression, meaning your shots will be hidden on the mini map. In addition, this attachment will improve your damage range. Equipping the Visiontech 2x Optic will allow you to maximize your damage range by being able to shoot enemies who are even further away. Moreover, the 19.7” Ranger Barrel is a useful attachment as it improves your bullet velocity.

The Field Agent Underbarrel grip will better the accuracy of your Krig 6. This is because both your horizontal and vertical recoil control will receive a boost. Finally, to make the most of your ammunition, use the STANAG 60 Round Magazine. Ultimately, you will be maximizing your ammo capacity, while being able to take more shots without being interrupted by reloading. You can also opt to use the fast magazine version of this attachment in order to reload quicker. However, that will impact the aim-down sight time of your assault rifle.

A Krig’s best friend

As the Krig 6 is able to challenge long range Warzone gunfights, you may choose to pair it with a close-quarters weapon. If you are a fan of shotguns, the Gallo SA12 is more than capable of packing a punch. However, if you prefer to use a submachine gun, the AK74-U and Bullfrog are a suited match. Get ready to hop into a match and dominate with your new assault rifle.

Warzone Krig 6

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