Alien Isolation


alien isolation

Although not created specifically with VR in mind, with a few tweaks the game can work perfectly. Playing this in VR is a completely different and terrifying experience. There’s nothing worse than being stuck hiding in a locker peering through the gaps while an enemy peers in.


Fantastic Contraption


fantastic contraption

Fantastic contraption is all about building weird machines to carry out objectives on a level. It’s surprisingly tricky. The game works brilliantly when coupled with the Vive controllers and is worth a look for some family fun.





Another one from CCP. Although this is another simple wave shooter, it’s pretty addictive as you progress through the levels. Think of it as a VR space invaders that looks rather gorgeous. Not bad for the asking price.


The Solus Project


The Solus Project

We first played this on a standard monitor, with VR support added a little later. The game’s visual atmosphere is fantastic, and when played in VR it’s pretty immersive. Trapped on a planet fighting for survival with mysteries to be uncovered, this game should keep you intrigued. The VR support is not bad at all, but it’s still worth playing on a normal monitor. This is one for survival fans.


VR Ping Pong


VR Ping Pong

Assuming you just don’t have room for a full-size table tennis table, this is the next best thing. Strap on a VR headset and take on the AI in some serious ping-pong action. The game is highly responsive to the hand and controller movement which makes it feel very life-like. It also comes with a few different game modes which are quite challenging.


Left Hand Path


left hand path

Now this is a strange one and that’s not surprising because it’s been developed by Hugh Hancock and Strange Company.

Described as a Dark Souls inspired room-scale RPG, it’s seriously atmospheric. This is a pretty neat game utilising hand gestures to cast spells and there are all kinds of foes lurking around every corner. Watch out for all kinds of cryptic clues while attempting to master the magic. It’s still in Early Access and Hugh is continually refining it. It also has an arachnophobia mode to turn off spiders which is a huge plus.


Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope


Serious Sam: VR The Last Hope

Croteam’s hero is back and this time he’s taking on Mental in this wave shooter. It’s not groundbreaking stuff, but it does provide some super fast action and requires a decent amount of hand/eye coordination. It also gets pretty hard as the levels progress. As you’d expect in a Sam title, there’s a decent array of weapons on offer: shotgun, rocket launcher, and the traditional chainsaw.


Portal Stories VR


portal stories VR

This community-made Portal 2 mod is a cracking puzzler in VR, but you will need to own a copy of the base game to play it. This is a mini story set in the Portal universe. Full of puzzle solving, it works brilliantly in VR.


Final Approach


final approach

Air traffic control is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet and Final Approach wants you to experience every sweat-induced panic in control of miniature aircraft and different airport scenarios. Looking down on the airport, you need to tell the planes where to go, help with airport operations on the ground such as putting out fires, fixing things, and even luggage handling.

Final Approach is a really clever game with lots of challenges to overcome. It will keep you plugged into VR for some time and it looks gorgeous. Well worth your time this one.


War Thunder


war thunder

Gaijin’s war sim featuring planes and tank has supported VR for some time and it’s really simple to get up and running as the game detects the headset automatically. Gaijin has done a great job with their VR support and the game looks superb inside the headset. It works equally as well for tank and air combat. As the game is completely free to play, it’s a no-brainer to try out in VR.

We’ll keep testing VR game throughout 2017 and we’ll add any new recommendations to this Best VR Games list.

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