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The Blackout Club, brought to you by a team of ex-Bioshock 2 developers, is out today on Steam Early Access. This game comes from the mind of Jordan Thomas, who served as the creative director and writer for Bioshock 2. It’s quite the pedigree for what amounts to a survivor horror co-op romp through a cursed town. But the game, like its mystery, is more than what meets the eye.

We had a chance to preview the game earlier this month, and we liked what we saw. Despite running low on content after a few hours, what we experienced was the foundation of what could be a fun new take on the co-op PvE genre. It was buggy, sure, but that’s expected for such an early build. Regardless, it made an impression.

Set in the town of Redacre, Virginia, you play as a teenage investigator trying to uncover the occult-like grip on the community. Ravaged by blackouts and powered by an unnamed god, you and up to three others stealthily traverse homes and underground passages to find the truth. Evidence is recorded via smartphone. Said phone also serves as a flashlight and a method of communication between you and the Blackout Club, which hands you your nightly tasks.

The Blackout Club Undergound

What Goes Bump In The Night

All the while, you must avoid the adults whose minds have been taken over by your adversary. And who, or what, is casting a shadow on Redacre, you ask? Well, we didn’t discover enough information as to its identity during our time with the game. But we do know about The Shape. Nearly invisible, The Shape is a creature who gives chase to you and your friends if you become to noticed. He’s fast, frightening, and impossible to stop. All you can do is run.

However, we may get more clues behind the group and just whatever the hell The Shape even is. The early access build comes with new content not found in the closed beta. There are new missions, unlockable gestures, enhanced character customization, and more areas to scour.

“Since we revealed The Blackout Club, the response has both astonished and humbled us,” said Thomas in a press statement. “First person experiences with deeply expressive systems are our lifeblood – and with The Blackout Club, we bring that freedom to the co-op arena. Together, human players combine their powers in ways that surprise even the game’s designers – and the world is so terrifying that they’ll need every ounce of that creativity to survive. We can’t wait to see how a whole new audience of players react, now that it’s available through Steam Early Access.”

You can find The Blackout Club on Steam, once you lie to the age gate. It’s going for $19.99 USD but is currently 10% off. Be sure to check out our preview before you delve into the night.

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