The Callisto Protocol World Premiere Gameplay Trailer Footage

Fresh marketing has been rolling out for Glen Schofield’s The Callisto Protocol lately, leading up to today’s gameplay trailer seen during Summer Game Fest 2022. As you may surmise, this Dead Space-like game from the creator of Dead Space certainly looks like Resident Evil. No, sorry. It looks like Dead Space. There’s even an ability to pick up and toss enemies, either into walls or fans.

For those who wanted a Dead Space 4, The Callisto Protocol looks like it’ll fill in quite nicely. It also uses a behind-the-back camera angle, just off to the side like in Dead Space. Enemy limbs can be blown off. Hitting these zombie-like creatures in the leg will drop them. With both legs gone, they still mindlessly crawl toward you, clearly feeling nothing.


The trailer starts off with protagonist Jacob Lee in a prison uniform, but that doesn’t last. Later, we see him decked out in futuristic, sci-fi armor. During this segment, we see him using an ability to grab and hold an enemy combatant, just like with Kinesis in Dead Space. You can toss enemies into death traps like spinning blades, so combat versatility is definitely on the table.

Familiar and freaky

So far, gameplay in The Callisto Protocol looks like something fans of Isaac Clarke’s space adventures will pick up quickly. The weaponry and abilities are certainly close. Pacing also looks similar, with slow, plodding movements through dark corridors, all leading to hectic battles against swarms of enemies. It’s looking exciting, for sure. And with the Dead Space remake on the way, it’s certainly a good time to be a fan of horror.

The Callisto Protocol also got an extended version of the trailer that came out last week. It’s a lot gorier this time around, so the squeamish may not apply. The Callisto Protocol launches for PC on December 2.

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