The creators of Candy Crush are now richer than the creators of Grand Theft Auto

Every year, the British newspaper The Sunday Times publishes a rich list that allows you to vent some seething envy at the 1%. This year it took a look at some of the richest folks in the gaming industry and revealed some pretty interesting facts.

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The Sunday Times rich list only counts the top 1000 wealthiest Britain’s and when it comes to the video game industry, you may be surprised to learn that despite putting out amazing game after amazing game, the creators of Grand Theft Auto ranked at 947 on the rich list with a mere £90 million.

This just beats King’s CEO Stephen Kurgan who stands with only 85 million but both these figures are dwarfed by the two co-founders of King who combined have amassed a whopping £554 million! The first co-founder, Riccardo Zacconi has earned £354 million whilst his partner Sebastian Knutsson has £200 million.

The richest gaming big wig was businessman Mel Morris who has a 12% share in King which got him £430 million and puts him at 238 in a rank of the richest Brits.

All this may seem wonderfully glamorous but consider this: Rockstar may have “less” money than the likes of Candy Crush but they have released masterpieces like GTA V, Bully, and Red Dead Redemption which made a huge and meaningful impact on the gaming world that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Candy Crush on the other hand made a knock off game and is pretty much despised by the gaming industry. Food for thought.

Source: IGN


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