The Cycle: Frontier season 3 guide

Cycle frontier season 3

The genre of survival extraction shooters has still got a long way to go with titles like Escape From Tarkov leading the pack. This hardcore shooter, although very popular, still has its problems. The Cycle: Frontier may be the answer to these, especially with the release of season 3.

The all-new season is making some drastic changes to the tried and tested formula whilst bringing in a few extras. These small additions may be what take it out of the wings and into the spotlight. We can run through a few of the expected additions and omissions expected in season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 Guide

A swathe of changes promises to bring this game up to speed with what the fans want. New monsters to battle, new loadout plans, quality of life changes, and all new raid types should keep us coming back for more.

A whole new station and questline

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Screenshot via The Cycle

That tired old station is finally getting some interior design. One of the gripes of players in the first two seasons was that the Prospector Station was a little devoid of excitement. With season three we can see a new array of NPCs, lore-rich items, and a little more life in the mission collection points.

We also see Fortuna’s Favoured come to light. This little section of the map, by the bar, has been included for a while, but only in the background. Now, with the release of season 3 in The Cycle: Frontier, we will be receiving new questlines from it.

The Cycle: Frontier weapons and ammo

For some, the weapon changes may be a little disappointing. The changes are more to do with different versions of the arsenal already in the game. These changes, although seemingly minor, actually have a big impact on what you will find and the use of each in the field.

These changes are matched with a change to ammo types. The high-end guns will now use exotic ammo, whilst standard guns will stick with the standard Cycle: Frontier white ammo in season 3.

Season 3 enemies

The Cycle: Frontier season 3 guide

Screenshot via The Cycle

With the new season comes a new enemy. The Howler is a new roaming boss on both maps and can deliver some run-ending devastation. The flying boss has a lot of health, some pretty serious damage, and drops great loot. Hit it with your team, or use the voice chat to create a truce and take it down together.

Free load-outs in The Cycle: Frontier

Season 3 finally sees the introduction of a free player. These are sponsored by the different factions in the game and they send you into the field with a pre-defined loadout. You can pursue your own quests on the free run, and once you extract you get to keep everything you managed to grab.

These players are available every fifteen minutes from the moment you first drop in. This means that if your Cycle: Frontier run takes fifteen minutes, you’ll have a new disposable player waiting for you when you get back.

The Cycle: Frontier season 3 guide

Screenshot via PC Invasion

A few little extras for The Cycle: Frontier season 3

Of course, along with the big changes come the small ones, one of which is doing away with wipes. No more wipes mean a whole new game type. Season 3 will be the end of all game wipes. The dev team says there could be a possibility of a voluntary wipe for those of you out there who made bad life decisions, but that will be in the future. We will have to see how it all plays out.


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