dead space remake release window 2023

Following today’s developer livestream, publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that the Dead Space remake is heading for an early 2023 release window. It’s far sooner than expected, considering how new the game looked during the first livestream. However, there were rumors floating around about it showing next year. When I heard the rumor, I thought it would be nice to see the game that quickly. Well, I can confirm that it does feel nice.

EA announced the release window news via Twitter. It didn’t include a lot of additional detail. All we know is that the Dead Space remake will release early next year. Of course, that is the projected time of launch. There’s always a chance we’ll see a delay. And considering how the last year has been, I wouldn’t bet any money. Here’s hoping, though.


The date was revealed right after the surprisingly lengthy developer livestream, where EA Motive dove into the game’s audio. Just like with the visuals, the developer is referencing the original game for the spooky new sounds. The audio team played a chapter of the original, taking notes on not only how audio sounds but how it was created: “We play the chapter of the original before we start a feature [in the remake]. We look at the original data — not only the data, but how it was made under the hood, or behind the door.”

A.L.I.V.E. for now

The in-depth livestream covered many aspects of the remake’s audio design. But that was just the start. EA Motive also released a handful of supplementary videos that go even deeper into the different aspects. Over on the Dead Space YouTube channel, you can watch a series of short videos. They cover audio occlusion, atmospheric audio, weapon effects, and the new A.L.I.V.E. system, which “controls Isaac’s heart rate, breathing, and dialogue.” It’s fascinating stuff, especially if you’re a fan of game development.

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