Mai Brings The Heat To Kof Xv

The King of Fighters XV Mai trailer brings back the fiery ninja

I'm a fan.

New trailers for the upcoming SNK fighter have been coming in hot and heavy lately. Last week we saw the return of King, and late last night we got the return of another fan-favorite character. The King of Fighters XV Mai trailer shown below brings back one of the most iconic SNK fighters in the company’s roster. Like all of the other trailers so far, we see each character individually, followed by a team trailer once the third roster member is revealed.

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It should be noted that King of Fighters XV is looking great visually. The game appears especially good when compared to the lackluster presentation of the previous entry, The King of Fighters XIV. Considering what a popular character Mai is, it only makes sense that SNK did everything it could to make her aesthetically great. She doesn’t have any sort of redesign to her, and instead the game opts for a more traditional style. Her face model is also leagues above what was shown in the previous game.


As far as her gameplay goes, we can see that she has mostly her same moveset from KOF XIV. She still has her anti-air standing hard kick, and her EX fan goes through opponent’s projectiles. It even comes back down to hit the opponent just like it did in the last game. One big change is that she has her sliding kick back, and it is special cancellable. This will greatly help Mai in extending her combos and landing hit confirms from mid screen. Mai’s Climax Super has also been changed from King of Fighters XIV. This time she spins herself in a giant wheel of fire, complete with some heat warping effects.

Only a matter of time

The game has not been confirmed for PC yet, and the The King of Fighters XV Mai trailer didn’t shed any more light on that matter. However, a KOF game coming to PC is a pretty easy one to call. After all, every other game in the franchise is available on PC in one way or another. Once that PC release does get confirmed though, we will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can check out the game’s official site for more information and the rest of the trailers revealed so far.

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