Yesterday, ever fan of the brilliant The Last of Us had their hearts skip a beat when the key promotional artist for game, Marek Okon posted a picture of a piece of concept art which showed a slightly older Ellie apparently playing guitar.

It would be easy to assume this was a tease of a new game in the franchise since Okon posted the image with the words “Let me tease you something… Its coming… ;]” above it. Was this the first teaser for the hotly rumoured sequel to The Last of Us? Well no.

After a short period of mayham amongst fans and gaming news journalists, Okon posted a follow up comment explaining it was all a big hoax. He said: “Lol. This is how you know you are teasing your stuff the right way. So before its gonna get blown out of proportions [SP] – its gonna be strictly personal image. Is it about TLOU2? Not really… Maybe… Its classified ;P But seriously its gonna be just a fan art ;]”
So it seems this isn’t the first clue to a new game, it’s not surprising really since it would be pretty speedy of Naughty Dog to already be working on a new installment. Of course there is a possibility that The Last of Us 2 may be on the table and that Okon was hinting at that, but for now you shouldn’t get your hopes up. In the meantime, endure and survive.

Source: IGN

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