The Last of Us Part 1 is coming to PC “soon” after its PS5 release

The Last Of Us Part 1 Coming To Pc
Image: Naughty Dog

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been on a run, releasing some of its most acclaimed PlayStation exclusive games on PC over the last few years. This has been a welcome surprise, and it seems like the wait times for these ports may be getting shorter. The Last of Us Part 1, a full remake of the original game, may be coming to PC very soon after its PS5 release date on September 2.

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On Twitter, a fan of the game mentioned that they were excited for the game to be making its way to PC. Senior environment artist at Naughty Dog, Jonathan Benainous, responded to the fan to say: “Glad to hear you’re hyped man. PC version should come out a bit later, but very soon after the PS5 release.”


The Last of Us Part 1 is being described by Sony as “a total overhaul of the original experience, faithfully reproduced but incorporating modernized gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options.” The new remake will include new permadeath and speedrunning modes, as well as more intelligent enemy AI and costumes for players to unlock.

Sony is seeing the value in PC gaming

The fact that The Last of Us Part 1 could show up on PC way sooner than other games from Sony might not be surprising. It’s clear that the publisher is beginning to see more value in the PC gaming space, judging by how many PlayStation-exclusive titles have been making their way to the platform.

Horizon: Zero Dawn appeared on Steam in 2020, while God of War was released on the platform this January. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is next in line with a release date of August 12 this year. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will also be making its way to PC this fall.

The release date for the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1 has not yet been confirmed, but it hopefully will be revealed closer to the game’s PS5 release date on September 2.

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