The Lords Of The Fallen Gameplay Trailer The Game Awards 2022

It’s only been a short while, but developer Hexworks has shown off a gameplay trailer for the upcoming The Lords of the Fallen. No, not that one. I’m referring to the new game, which takes place around 1,000 years after the original. The Lords of the Fallen, however, doesn’t appear to be straying too far off the familiar path. It’s still a dark, grueling Souls-like with nasty monsters and impressive locales.

The Lords of the Fallen gameplay trailer was showcased tonight during The Game Awards 2022. It’s short, but quite effective at selling the concept. You play as a warrior whose task is to slay the horrors haunting the world. It will clearly run the gamut of Soulsy games, meaning teeth-clenchingly tough enemies and even tougher bosses battles await.

“Overwhelmed by the phenomenal response to our announcement trailer, we couldn’t wait to reveal in-game footage of the concepts shown and put a spotlight on The Lord of the Fallen‘s thematic and quality” said Cezar Virtosu, ceative director at Hexworks, in a press release. “By developing exclusively for new-generation platforms we’re able to bring the full scope and detail of our dark fantasy vision to life and look forward to revealing even more exciting things come 2023.”

The Lords of the Fallen gameplay shows off a split world

The trailer also demonstrates how the ‘split realm’ feature works in practice. Your hero wields a powerful lantern, but it can do more than damage demonic foes. We also see it being used to reveal the world of the dead, which is like the human world but far, far creepier. There are a lot of skeletons and torn drapes, which is apropos to a land of spirits.

The Lords of the Fallen is powered by Unreal Engine 5, and we get to see how it looks in action with the trailer. To be sure, Epic’s powerful new engine is doing well in the hands of Hexworks. The game looks quite attractive, especially with environmental design.

There is no set release date for the game, but the developer is planning on it launching next year for PC via Steam.

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